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C7EVEN from an intern’s perspective

Well, what a week it was interning at C7EVEN.
Proposals. Meetings. Work Anniversary’s. New Clients. New Faces. Opportunities. And fortunately, enough for me, one that I have been incredibly lucky to witness.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but at C7EVEN they come in 7’s. Everything that the C7EVEN family does is truly motivated by their 7 key attributes.

You may think that the whole 7 c’s is just a cover and that those key qualities don’t even matter to them in their everyday life. And to be honest before coming here a little part of me though that too.

But after getting to know the team more and paying attention to how they interact with each other, I’ve realised that it is utterly wrong to call C7EVEN a team, in fact what they really are is one big family.

It is incredibly noticeable how important the 7 c’s are to C7EVEN even just in their everyday office life.

Just this week I have seen countless actions driven by courage. I have seen multiple measures taken to ensure connection. Numerous collaborations. Many challenges overcome. Masses of people captivated by the work of C7EVEN. Countless compliments on the incredible creations they have made. And numerous questions asked in spite of curiosity.

The work that C7EVEN does not only with their clients but even within their workspace is exceptional. They are always welcoming and kind to everyone. And value everything their colleagues bring to the team.


My observations this week and how they live by their values includes the following:

  • Collaborate: The C7EVEN team collaborates really well together. They discuss ideas together and are always willing to help out. Before coming to a final decision each person will always make sure everyone has had input in the end choice before it is made final.
  • Connect: C7EVEN make sure they are always connected to how their teammates are feeling, in fact they even have a scheduled daily meeting dedicated to checking in with everyone to see how they are feeling and if they need any help from anyone that day. They are always welcoming of every new face and take time to get to know them and allow them to ask any questions.
  • Curious: Everyone in the C7EVEN team is always curious about how each other are feeling and making sure they are doing what their clients are happy with.
  • Create: C7EVEN create amazing new ideas for their clients and general team every day. They are always conscious of what they are preparing and put lots of extra effort into everything they do.
  • Courage: C7EVEN always have great ideas and are always willing to courageously share these with their team.
  • Challenge: C7EVEN challenges each other and pushes themselves to their full potential by asking questions and making each other think differently.
  • Create: The C7EVEN team create incredibly well thought out campaigns.
  • Captivate: They then put these ideas to work and captivate their audiences through this amazing content.

With offices in Tamworth, Sydney and Cairns, C7EVEN acquires their knowledge from all across Australia. With so many opinions able to participate in the final decision, it is guaranteed C7EVEN will make the right decision for their clients.

I have loved my time at C7EVEN. Thank you to everyone at C7EVEN!

– Milly Arndell

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