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Celebrating 5 Years of C7EVEN

As we look to celebrate C7EVEN’s 5th birthday, we thought we would take a look back at what has changed in the world of Communications and Marketing over the last 5 years.

It’s hard to believe that five years have ticked over since we sat around the table, sharing our ideas, hopes, and dreams for our new business, C7EVEN, which is today one of the most recognised and sought after agencies in regional and rural communications circles.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with some amazing clients to deliver some truly innovative and impactful work that we’re really proud of. National TVC’s, back-to-back national PR campaigns for Australia’s largest music festival, digitally-led end-user campaigns for iconic agriculture brands, large-scale media campaigns, re-brands – you name it, we’ve done it!

Five years can be a long time in our world. The industry and media landscapes are continually changing and evolving. New technologies and platforms continue to emerge, and of course, there are always challenges that no-one could predict. Hello COVID-19!

So, what have been the five main changes we’ve seen in our industry since we started C7EVEN?

  1. A slimmed-down traditional media landscape

Consolidation and cuts have become the norm in Australia’s slimmed-down media landscape. News Corp recently announced the end of more than 100 Australian print newspapers as they shift to digital versions. For many regional communities, this has signaled the end of an era with job losses and, in some cases, the end of local reporting.

What is interesting, though, is research has shown that in times of crisis (such as during the height of Covid-19), Australians rely on traditional media as their ‘trusted’ source of information while ‘shopping’ on social.

  1. The rise of personalised brand experiences

As a society, we now have so much choice. We consume media when, where, and how we want, whether it be on social platforms, digital news channels, video, by influencer’s or bloggers; there is a proliferation of information and ways to absorb it.

Interactive, personalised experiences are becoming the norm.  Think, augmented and virtual reality, online events, and shoppable posts, even the use of chatbots.  Keeping consumers engaged, creating frictionless experiences, and understanding motivators at each point of the sales funnel have become more critical now more than ever before.

  1. Success measured on the impact

Remember the days of judging the success of a campaign on the amount of media coverage you generated or by audience reach? They are long gone. These days, it’s no longer good enough to reach a large audience. Clients want to know what hitting that many eyeballs actually does to their bottom line. And so, they should!

Being able to put curated, highly targeted content directly before those who are most likely to buy has become key to successful communications and marketing campaigns.

  1. The power of user-generated content

It brings a brand to life, appeals to a younger demographic, and ticks all the boxes in terms of being relatable, refreshing, and inspiring. It’s also considered more authentic than content created and generated by a brand and has a powerful impact on purchasing decisions. Instagram is an excellent example of where user-generated content really comes to life.

  1. More brands understand the importance of strong communication

Change is inevitable; however, the fundamentals of strong communication remain unchanged. It is those brands that understand the importance of storytelling, using their authentic voice, and staying true to their values.  Brands that spend the time getting to know their audience and forming deep connections with them that will outlast any change, big or small.


Technologies will continue to evolve. Digital audiences and platforms will continue to grow and become noisier, and agencies will have to work harder to demonstrate real impact in terms of ROI.

At C7EVEN, we love a challenge and look forward to the next five years of creating captivating communication that inspires. That’s after we enjoy a slice of cake and toast to our incredible team and clients who make us what we are today.


Adam & Sara

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