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Comms for COVID Recovery

The easing of some Covid-19 restrictions is the light at the end of the tunnel for many of us as the focus now switches to emerging in a post-Covid world.

If there’s one thing we know about our new ‘normal’ environment, it’s going to be very noisy!

Businesses are chomping at the bit to get back into market, but after living a quieter existence over the past few months, are we ready to snap-back to our pre-Covid world? And how can brands ease us back into this new normal environment and grab our attention when everyone is talking at the same time?

Marketing and Communication has been fundamental in providing consistency and connection to brands audiences during Covid-19. Businesses who have remained active and continued to communicate, even on a smaller scale, will find the transition much smoother than those who have stopped all activity.

With planning the recovery phase of Covid-19 high on the list of priorities for all businesses, what does this look like from a communications and marketing perspective?

Here’s our approach to post covid-recovery;

Stay Connected

At C7EVEN, we have been working with our clients to review and pivot campaigns as required in light of the operating environment and evolving situation. Some activities have been paused. Some have been added. All have remained connected to their target audience and key stakeholders. When it comes to recovery, the brands who remain connected during a crisis will be the ones who emerge stronger.

And don’t forget your most important asset – your staff. Keep them informed, keep them engaged.

Review your post-Covid position

Before you plan the next stage, review your market position. Has it changed? Is your communications and marketing still aligned to the needs of your audience or does it need to be tweaked to reflect the changes and challenges a post-covid environment poses?

Plan now

If you have reviewed and pivoted campaigns and activities based on the needs of your audience and the operating environment during Covid-19, it’s now time to move to the next phase – recovery.

Look forward

What does the new normal world look like and what are the needs and expectations of your audience? By looking forward and answering these questions, you will understand how you can cut-through what will be a very noisy post-covid environment. And of course, this will be easier if you have remained connected to your audience.

Integrate key changes and learnings

While no one anticipated a restricted operating environment of the scale we have seen in recent months, many businesses, out of necessity have implemented innovative products, services, structural changes and marketing techniques in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

What have we learnt? And what can we take with us as we move into the recovery phase?

At C7EVEN, we create communication and marketing solutions for our clients which cut-through the noise and captivate audiences. Drop us a line. We’d love to connect!

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