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Delivering in the most remote parts of Australia

The buzz of the intercom chimed in. ‘This is the captain speaking……as you might have noticed we have had to abandon our attempt to land due to the dense fog that is impeding the view of the landing strip. We’re going to fly around a bit and see if the fog burns off.’ Three attempts later and the plane was still up in the air. But now flying in a new direction (not the one we originated from). As we got further away from our intended destination a slew of tropical islands started to dot the azure blue ocean. And one (not covered in fog) had a runway. Horn Island. As we landed the passengers (all fairly calm) acknowledged that this was just part of life at the tip of Australia, the Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Straight Islands.

This is probably not the destination you would have had in mind when it comes to marketing and communications. What would bring us to such a remote location?

The answer is simple. People.

We work with our clients to communicate with people and C7EVEN works to bring marketing and communications services to the regional, rural, and remote parts of our continent (RRR). Since the business has been in operation C7EVEN has had staff on the ground in places all over the country, from the cape through to remote islands, far reaching planes, large cattle operations and around our regional centres.

We’re proud of the fact that we get regional Australia.
That we get the people of RRR communities are our people.
Our love of the land and our love of those communities is what sets us apart.


Wherever there are people there is an opportunity for us to help with communications goals and objectives. Often engaging with remote communities and delivering on improving services in those regions. Or to capture a crucial story of how a producer is finding success in their location. Or to highlight how an innovation is providing economic growth in those regions.

Without people, we wouldn’t be in business. Without people we wouldn’t have food on the table, without people we wouldn’t have culture, language, arts, friends, and the sense that when it comes to regional Australia, it’s home.

There’s so much that our communities can do and even more so when you get off the beaten track. The ingenuity of regional people is off the scales. And we have built our services around meeting the needs of those communities.

But how do we deliver services to those locations?
The answer is also simple….In person.
When it comes to people it happens in person.

A lot of the time we might produce an ad, or a strategy, or a stakeholder liaising session to gauge community feedback on topics, but one thing with C7EVEN is that when we deliver, we do it in person. We meet, we discuss, we listen, and above all we respect. Working in RRR is just like working in a city for us. The difference is our city is just bigger.

You might also be familiar with our values? Our 7 C’s. These values underpin our approach to our clients. Which reflect how we interact with our communities and the role in which we play. C7EVEN is more than a product or a service. It’s a team of people dedicated to the enrichment of our communities in RRR locations and the businesses that operate in those places. Our values make us effective in our wheelhouse. Our RRR communities. We acknowledge RRR communities of our country. And we strive to bring the best possible marketing and communications resources to them.

If you’re operating in one of Australia’s RRR communities and need help with communications, give us a shout. We’d love to meet with you and talk about what you’re doing and how might be able to support your efforts.


Jonathon Mueller – C7EVEN – Manager Northern Australia


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