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Expertise | Digital and New Media

Digital and new media is the future of communication.  It is the quickest and most effective way to talk to your audience, and at C7EVEN, we can assist your brand in navigating and managing these continually evolving platforms.

The social media landscape changes and evolves with alarming rapidity, and it can be hard to stay abreast of the latest tool, apps, or digital innovations. That’s where C7EVEN can help. We love social and digital media and make a point of keeping up with everything and anything that’s “trending.”

We can help your brand get a big thumbs up online and get your brand noticed in all the right places, whether that be Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Bots, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Flickr, Snapchat, Reddit, or any one of a thousand plus social media sites that spring up like bamboo.

And if you are looking for something a bit simpler, like website revamps or an online video, well, hey, we can do that too.

Featured Case Study

Virbac Australia – Tridectin Product Launch

Our team has experience working on some of the largest brands in the world. Our passion for what we do is what drives us, and we pride ourselves on our engaging and inspiring ideas. We create relevant and interesting content that remains at the forefront of audiences’ minds, and we love seeing our clients’ brands thrive.

Our Clients | What they say 

Kuhn Farm Machinery

“C7EVEN is a marketing agency that we have worked with for the last few years, and they have been of great assistance, especially with the new media that we have to advertise through. You can’t put on a successful event like the KUHN Expo without making sure you’ve got the right people to manage and communicate the value of the event, and we couldn’t do it without C7EVEN. C7EVEN is dedicated to the farming industry, and I can only recommend C7EVEN for anyone who would like to have assistance with their communication.”

Bruno Fetiveau, Managing Director – KUHN Australia

Virbac Australia

“We have been working with C7EVEN at Virbac for several years now and I am continually impressed by the quality of their work.  Finding a full-service communications agency that really understands the agricultural market is hard enough as it is. But finding an agency that produces exceptional creative ideas that communicate your product’s value proposition in the ag space is near impossible.  We have found that agency in C7EVEN and are so proud of what they have delivered for us for Tridectin and across our other brands as well.”

Terrance Loughlin, Brand Manager for Tridectin - Virbac Australia 

Performance Feeds

“The team at C7EVEN have a genuine passion for agriculture. Their knowledge of livestock and nutrition paired with their expertise in marketing and communications has helped Performance Feeds to use the power of media relations to connect more efficiently with our customers and livestock producers. From strategic thinking through to executing unique and creative campaigns, designing creative assets and day-to-day assistance, C7EVEN have supported Performance Feeds with passion and professionalism to not only get the job done, but to help us get the results we want.”

Peter Cush, National Sales Manager - Performance Feeds 


“C7EVEN has been instrumental in their assistance on guidance in relation to project transparency for the Hills of Gold Wind Farm Project. Their timely response in relation to media requests and objector concerns has meant that this project has been provided with more credibility since their inception.

I would not hesitate to recommend C7EVEN as an asset to a project development team in the renewable energy space that requires guidance and support to meet community consultation expectations. They have exceeded in our expectations in relation to support and facilitation of new ideas and engagement for the project”

Meredith Anderson, Development Manager, Asset Development - ENGIE 


“C7EVEN Communications go above and beyond. The whole team is amazing and it’s reassuring for everyone involved when they are at the helm. Everyone who has contact with C7EVEN has nothing but positive feedback. Their effervescence is contagious, and they constantly exude both professionalism and energy, even in the most demanding of situations. I cannot recommend C7EVEN enough.”



“C7EVEN is a great team of communications professionals, who deliver value, expertise and creativity for us in a highly strategic and effective way. C7EVEN brings "big city" PR, media and government relations skills to the bush. They are a great addition to the regional business landscape”



“Tilt Renewables contracted C7EVEN to deliver face-to-face consultation on the Liverpool Range Wind Farm project, proposed modifications to the approved project. C7EVEN were able to take information on a complex project and feel comfortable having discussions with communities to ensure their feedback and concerns were heard and responded to. We developed a solid working relationship with the team and felt comfortable that despite the limitations on travel during COVID-19, they could represent our business on an SSD priority project”


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