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Don’t stop marketing and advertising! Now is the time for agribusinesses to show their strength and capitalise!

Many businesses often believe that in periods of downturn or recession, the best response is to cut costs, especially marketing and advertising expenditure.

The unprecedented pressures bearing down on businesses from COVID-19 has changed the landscape for many industries. So, companies are looking at how they can adapt their business to these unique conditions, find new revenue sources, and reduce costs. 

However, the silver lining for agribusinesses right through the supply chain is that agricultural production is essential; and it’s now more than ever that the world needs this industry to keep delivering and even increase production capacity. 

As a specialist regional and rural communications agency, C7EVEN is passionate about agribusiness. Our team works with some of the world’s biggest agribusinesses by analysing marketing trends and developing strategic communication plans and content to help them connect with farming audiences and achieve their goals, whatever they may be!   

While not much is known about the short and long term impact of COVID-19, what we do know is that farming and agribusiness are perhaps one of the least affected industries. 

Businesses in this industry or selling products and services to this sector should be ramping up their marketing and advertising, not reducing it. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why:

Farmers are in a unique situation

By nature, farmers are isolated and, therefore, more removed from the effects of COVID-19. As they are also considered essential services, farmers and producers will continue to operate with limited disruption.

The increase of Government funding and assistance means there is money to spend on farming essentials

With the Federal Government Instant Asset Write-Off increasing from $30,000 to $150,000, farmers can purchase new equipment, machinery, livestock, supplies, and so on. It is a great incentive that farmers can take up before 30 June.  It also means that they will be looking for their best options and investments – so why not put your services or products in front of their minds through effective marketing and communication campaigns. 

Media consumption is increasing

With more people staying at home and tuning into media to keep up to date with the unfolding COVID-19 situation, recent media consumption data results are showing that the number of people who are watching TV, as well as interacting and engaging with social and digital media and reading print media is on the rise.  

Supporting this is the weekly TV viewing data for week 13 (22 March to 28 March), which shows Primetime TV audience is up by 22.2% since pre-lock down and On Demand TV has seen a 27.4% increase in viewing minutes in the same time*. 

Statistics are showing that it’s business as usual, if not better for farmers! 

Australian Community Media* has recently released the findings from a survey it undertook with nearly 800 farmers about the impact of COVID-19 on their business, and this is what they found:

For the first time in quite some time, the season is shaping up to be on the farmer’s side. 

Recent good rainfall on the east coast of Australia in 2020 means that for the first time in several years, many farmers in these locations are planting crops, they have feed for stock and are trying to re-stock. The improved farm climate conditions supported by the Australian Community Media survey shows that it’s business as usual and that confidence is up, meaning that farmers will be very active over the remainder of 2020.

We know that these times are challenging, and while you might not be able to sell your products or services face to face, we encourage you to keep your audience engaged and up to date with how they are available.   

Remember, the world needs the fibre and fodder that a farmer’s crop will yield, the meat that a farmer’s livestock will supply to our supermarkets, the eggs that a farmer’s chickens will lay, and the fruit and vegetables that a farmer’s orchard will harvest. While the world needs produce from farmers, farmers can’t deliver it without the products, services, and supplies that help them to provide it. 

If you are looking for communications, marketing, and advertising assistance to help your business navigate the COVID-19 climate, please get in touch with C7EVEN. 

* ThinkTV Weekly Tracking Report – Week 13 2020

* Australian Community Media Agri Confidence Survey – March 2020

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