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Event Management – How do I nail it?

Events can be so much fun, and they can also be an important element in a company’s marketing activities. From a product launch to a large-scale Awards night, complete with red carpet and high-end fashion, all events are different. However, they can also be stressful to plan, manage, coordinate, and evaluate and a risky strategy for some companies who have not planned events before.

Some events fall into a ‘hallmark’ event (Tamworth Country Music Festival) to major events (like a large-scale concert with over 200 people). However, the majority of events fall outside these areas into special events.

The number of events that are staged across Australia has grown dramatically in the last decade. How to position an event so that it stands out from the pack becomes a major priority for the event manager. Sometimes this can be achieved by clever marketing, which is our bread and butter at C7EVEN!

Some of the best events are those that are consciously designed with ceremony and ritual and that is what makes them unique, special, successful and memorable.

An event can have a range of outcomes including promoting a product or service, creating brand awareness, linking your product or service with another brand, fundraising, celebrating important occasions, generating goodwill, broadening your support base, boosting membership, or generating publicity.

When planning an event, here are some questions that you need to ask. Why am I holding this event? Who is my event for? Who are my stakeholders? What will happen at my event? What do I want to achieve?

When programming an event there are active and passive elements. Active elements are generally more formal elements such as an opening ceremony or speeches and passive elements might include event components that are happening in the background such as food and wine stalls or children’s art and craft activities. It can be a good idea to include both active and passive elements in any event.

It is important to nail the timing of your event and be tough on things happening when they are scheduled. If you program very tightly to begin with, you are more likely to be able to deal with the unexpected and remain flexible as the event continues. Conversely, if you are flexible at the start, then it can start to appear messy and confuse your audience.

There are a number of tools you need for every event including an event checklist, timeline, action list, event budget, event schedule and a post event checklist.

Event Management is a C7EVEN specialty!  We provide event management and activation services as well as sponsorship brokerage.

From facilitating workshops, product and media launches, roadshows, famils, large scale meetings, conferences. You name it, we can put it on. We’ll conceptualise it, coordinate it, manage it and make sure it’s not just an event, it’s an occasion.

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