PGG Wrightson Seeds 2018 Autumn PR Campaign

PGG Wrightson Seeds 2018 Autumn PR Campaign

The Campaign

  • During Autumn 2018, PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia (PGGWSA) launched a new product – Ascend.
  • C7EVEN Communications was asked to provide PR recommendations to support the launch.
  • The 2018 PR campaign looked to leverage and extend from the core product creative and marketing channels.


  • Launch and increase awareness of Ascend as a new replacement for Winter Star II.
  • Create excitement and buzz around the launch of Ascend.
  • Increase awareness of PGGWSA local research and development and product innovation – using Ascend as a example.
  • Increase awareness of PGGWSA’s existing Autumn sown products.
  • Increase awareness of PGGWSA’s brand and profile through demonstrated industry thought leadership.

C7EVEN supported the Autumn campaign with three key communication deliverables focussing on Product Leadership level by sharing best practices, strategic roadmaps, practical how-to’s and other information that shows the product’s potential for transformation.

Deliverables and Results:

  • Case Study
  • Media Release x 3 (gained extensive media coverage – both print and digital)
  • Industry thought leadership editorial