Achmea 2019 Brand Campaign



Print Media Reach

1.2M readership across all editions

TV Media Reach

781K reach with 287K at 7+ frequency



250% increase in unprompted awareness


C7EVEN has been working with Achmea for five years providing a range of services including creative branding and design, media strategy planning and management, PR and content marketing. In 2019, Achmea engaged C7EVEN to help build a targeted campaign that would increase overall awareness and recognition for their brand and the farm insurance services they provide. With the primary audience identified as farmers aged between 25 – 54 located in Western Australia & Victoria, C7EVEN developed targeted above-the-line campaign.

Our Solution

This four-month campaign included both print and TVC advertisements, focused on the markets of Victoria, and Western Australia.The campaign commenced mid-April 2019 and concluded in July 2019.

Campaign Objectives were as follows:

  • Maximise brand penetration reach and frequency in VIC & WA
  • Constantly remind audience of Achmea Australia story & USP’s
  • Drive enquiries and leads from farmers in VIC & WA
  • Accelerate brand awareness, profile and recognition in the VIC and WA markets


A pre and post campaign brand awareness survey has shown that both unprompted and prompted awareness has increased significantly post campaign. Victoria showing a 250% increase in unprompted awareness and a 194% increase in prompted awareness. With Western Australia showing a 267% increase in unprompted awareness and a 152% increase in prompted awareness.

The campaign also generated 130 new leads during the campaign period.

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