Enfield Aquatic Centre – Burwood Council


Burwood Council



    • Brand Design
    • Strategy Development
    • Key Message Development
    • PR & Communications
    • Marketing Campaign


Establish an identity for the Enfield Aquatic Centre, and encourage those using other aquatic facilities to make Enfield Aquatic Centre their centre of choice. 



A highly engaging and visually appealing brand identity for the Enfield Aquatic Centre, including a full range of marketing collaterals that compels the community and visitors to use the facility.



Using a six-stage approach, C7EVEN developed an identifiable and visually appealing brand and theme for the Enfield Aquatic Centre and implemented this throughout the facility and through PR and marketing activity.

Our approach included:

  1. Current Identity Assessment considering the visual and verbal messaging
  2. Situational Factors Assessment that addresses position, culture, character, and personality
  3. Identity Proposition including positioning, purpose, theme, design, and colour
  4. Key message framework develop audience profiles and framework for communication which, what, when, where, why and how
  5. Design full suite of marketing collateral, including social templates, flyers, posters, letterheads, banners, and brochures
  6. Launch to unveil the new centre identity and embed themes across facility services

Bringing the EAC to life by creating bold and dynamic collaterals and embedding the brand throughout the facility and Council.

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