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Dechra, a global veterinary pharmaceutical company, purchased the rights to market and sell Tri-Solfen in Australian in early 2021. Tri-Solfen, the only 4-in-1 pain relief and wound care non-prescription product in Australia, is used during necessary animal husbandry procedures, such as castration, dehorning, disbudding, and mulesing.

Providing pain relief during these types of animal husbandry procedures is not mandated in Australia (except for in Victoria where pain relief must be administered during mulesing), however over the last decade there has been an increasing desire from the agricultural industry to include pain relief when carrying out these procedures.

Dechra’s procurement of Tri-Solfen and the industry’s desire to include pain relief as best practice provided a great opportunity to reinvent the marketing of Tri-Solfen by engaging with current users and capturing their first-hand experiences to share with other farmers.


Deliver a multifaceted campaign that will drive sales growth, capture contact data and testimonials, and maximise sales capabilities and awareness at field level.

Wind Farm


The campaign was successful in generating positive brand sentiment through customer and product testimonials and achieved its objective in creating a database of product users to enable direct product sales leads.

418 entries

0.33% average CTR

50,800 reach through earned media


C7EVEN leveraged its communications experience in the agricultural industry to produce a diverse campaign that helped strengthen the Tri-Solfen brand both internally within Dechra and externally with Australian farmers.

The campaign focused on a sales promotion incentive competition, the Tri-Solfen Trifecta.

This competition was driven through inserts in all major agricultural newspapers, industry and digital advertising (SEM & social), geographically tailored media releases, point of sale collateral and dedicated PR campaign.

Another integral part of the campaign was the integration of the Dechra territory sales managers. Equipped with a toolkit, which contained a presentation, brochure, three TriSolfen case studies, digital assets, and media releases, the Territory Sales Managers were able to promote the product and competition with resellers across Australia.

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