Animal Management Education Campaign


Northern Area Peninsula Regional Council



    • Desktop analysis
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Strategy Development
    • Digital Advertising Campaign
    • Marketing and Advertising


Located in Located at the tip of Australia, Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council is a local government area supporting the communities located in the Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York.

Develop a community education campaign to communicate new animal management laws which were introduced by the Council in 2021.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the new laws in the community, in order to combat and prevent health related issues from uncontrolled animals.

Wind Farm


The opportunity to further this project with an expanded scope of work.


C7EVEN developed and delivered a comprehensive educational campaign to not only convey the new laws but also to communicate why they’re important.

Connecting with the NPA community was an integral part of the project so to best match the content with the voices of the community.

The strategy was developed through survey results and feedback gathered during the community engagement sessions.

NPARC Animal Advert
NPA animal shoot
NPA Council

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