Tamworth-It! Destination Marketing Campaign


Tamworth Regional Council



  • Creative Concept Development
  • Branding and Design
  • Copywriting
  • Media Planning and Management
  • Digital and New Media
  • Influencer Engagement and Management


As Tamworth is traditionally a popular summer destination due to its annual country music festival, Destination Tamworth engaged C7EVEN to design a campaign to attract visitors to the Tamworth region throughout Autumn.


To develop and execute a new destination marketing campaign for Tamworth to attract and entice visitation outside the traditional January peak season for Tamworth.



Amongst our highlights is our collaboration with HUNTERhunter, which included an editorial and social content that lead to a total reach of over 79,000 and saw very high social engagement.

We also loved our influencer campaign with travel photographer Sera J Wright, who showcased the Tamworth region in the best possible light!




C7EVEN saw an opportunity to develop a creative campaign, different to anything Destination Tamworth had done before. 

Using a play on words, we developed the TamWorth It! creative concept that could speak to and be customised, each of the different target audiences groups of 50+ year olds, families, sinks and dinks, and adventurous travellers located within a 5-hour drive of the region.

Our solution was delivered through a digital campaign, across social media, SEM, digital display, influencers and native advertising as well as print advertising.

The campaign content and collaborations showcased the various experiences and activities available in the Tamworth region and highlighted why a visit in Autumn is well ‘worth it’.

Our key messaging spoke to target audiences through a range of channels and tools including:


  • Driving advertising activities to a dedicated destination landing page that showcased the experiences and activities on offer.
  • Capturing people’s interest through display advertising, showcasing the experiences and beautiful nature of the areas in campaign images.
  • Social media campaign using a combination of organic and paid content, engaging regional online communities, publications, and influencers.
  • Search Engine Marketing that leveraged intent when searching.
  • Print advertising targeting regional and state-wide audiences.
  • Stakeholder engagement for cross-promotion of key messaging.   

The campaign led by C7EVEN achieved great results including:

  • Over 822,500 search and social impressions
  • Average search and social cost per click of $1.02 below benchmark of $1.72
  • Over 9,500 clicks through to the dedicated campaign landing page
  • Third party digital collaborations reached over 150,000
  • Activation of five influencers with a combined following of 257,400
  • An average social and search click through rate of 6.07% well above the industry benchmark of 3.17%

Overall, the results and achievements indicated a strong resonance of ad messaging with target audiences.   

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