C7EVEN have demonstrated experience and strong project management capability in infrastructure and renewables, including solar, windfarm and telecommunications projects.

Regional Infrastructure & Renewables

The renewable energy and regional infrastructure industries are experiencing unprecedented growth. We have demonstrated experience and strong project management capability in this space, including solar, windfarm and telecommunications projects.
C7EVEN is suitably qualified to manage campaigns to build social license and community support momentum. We understand the unique complexities that come with large scale renewable energy and infrastructure projects. Clear community consultation programs and balancing stakeholder and community engagement requires specific experience and skills – and C7EVEN’s expertise is second to none.

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How we can support you

Strategy Development
Extensive experience in the development of strategic plans that guide the project transparency, improve stakeholder engagement and help projects to gain their social licence to operate
Corporate Comms, PR and Media Relations
C7EVEN has specialist expertise in creating and delivering successful corporate strategic PR, media relations and communications. We are not only professional members but award-winning recognised consultants with the Public Relations Institute of Australia.
Community & Stakeholder Engagement
C7EVEN are accredited iAP2 practitioners ensuring best practice engagement and consultation. Our experience working across a variety of projects across NSW, VIC and QLD has resulted in deep understanding of the successful approach to engage, consult and inform communities and stakeholders through research, workshops, events, surveys and interviews.
Digital Marketing & Social Media Management
C7EVEN works hard to ensure that our clients are inspired by our curiosity and enthusiasm. Our strategies are built on solid research, carefully crafted messages, and integrated across numerous platforms to ensure they reach the right people at the right time. Search, social and programmatic digital marketing campaigns that engage with key target audiences.
Branding, Graphic Design and Content Creation
Creating captivating communications that are on brand, on message, exciting and in line with corporate branding directives as well as content capture including professional videography and photography.
Government Liaison
We have a solid understanding of developing Government engagement strategies to liaise and lobby Federal, State and Local Government representatives. Additionally our team members have prior experience working in various Government departments and agencies.

ENGIE Hills of Gold Windfarm

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications



C7EVEN has been instrumental in their assistance on guidance in relation to project transparency for the Hills of Gold Wind Farm Project. Their timely response in relation to media requests and objector concerns has meant that this project has been provided with more credibility since their inception.
I would not hesitate to recommend C7EVEN as an asset to a project development team in the renewable energy space that requires guidance and support to meet community consultation expectations. They have exceeded in our expectations in relation to support and facilitation of new ideas and engagement for the project.

Real results – Case Study

Metis Energy – Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub

C7EVEN was engaged to prepare and develop a Community and Stakeholder Management Plan, as well as facilitate stakeholder engagement for the Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub’s 210MW (AC) solar farm and 380MW wind farm project, located in North West NSW.
The key objective was to to work with the Australian and Singapore based project teams to negotiate landowner leases and neighbour agreements, and to engage with project landowners, neighbours, residents and the wider community about the solar and wind farm project proposal to generate public support.

Services Delivered

Strategy Development
Community and Stakeholder Engagement
Marketing and Comms
Public/Media Relations
Social Media Management
Government Liaison
Partnerships & Sponsorships
Community Event Management

Campaign Achievements

Stakeholders Engaged

Stakeholder Interactions


Support in Community

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Stakeholder Engagement & Communications


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