Our services

Our services

Yes we can do it. Whatever it is. Whether it’s strategy, branding, advertising, PR, media training, experiential marketing, event management, social media, or just giving you advice.

Read on and see what we can do for your brand.

Strategy Development

At C7EVEN everything we do is underpinned by strategic thinking. To this end, we exhaustively plan, prepare, interrogate, research, consult and calibrate to build a rock solid strategic platform that you can build your brand on.

Public Relations and Strategic Communications

PR is about saying the right thing to the right people through the right channels. And at C7EVEN this is something that we do day in and day out.  As a result, we’ve become really really good at it.

At C7EVEN we like to think that we’re pretty connected. We’ve been around awhile, and we know people.

We specialise in creating captivating and relevant PR campaigns that generate buzz, talkability, and excitement through multiple media channels. And before you know it, your brand has become the hot topic on everyone’s lips.

And we don’t just do it for you, we do it with you. C7EVEN provides tailored media training to give your staff the tools and tips they need to manage day to day media interactions.

And because marketing isn’t just a consumer-facing process. At C7EVEN we believe that effective marketing starts with you and your staff.

By facilitating strategic connections and chatting with your employees, we can help you build advocacy, implement change and support internal comms.

Branding & Design

At C7EVEN we believe passionately in the power of brands. And our team of talented brand architects will do everything in their power to turn your brand into an iconic and instantly recognisable part of the Australian landscape.

A big part of this is obviously design. Creating a look and feel that you are happy with and that engages with your target audience.

Our specialist international branding team can also advise on the best ways to execute brand campaigns in key Asian and North American markets.


Digital & New Media

This is the future of communication and it is the quickest and most effective way to talk to enormous numbers of people, not just in your region but in Australia and beyond.

The social media landscape changes and evolves with alarming rapidity and it can be hard to stay abreast of the latest tool, app or digital innovation. And that’s where C7EVEN can help. We love social media and digital and make a point of keeping up with everything and anything that’s “trending.”

So we can help your brand get a big thumbs up on social media and make sure your brand is seen in all the right places. Whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Bots, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Flickr, Snapchat, Google +, Reddit, or any one of a thousand plus social media sites that spring up like bamboo.

And if you are just looking for something a bit simpler, like a website revamp or an online video, well hey, we can do that too.


Advertising and Content Marketing

At C7EVEN our expert team has years of experience in bringing brands to the market. And we pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative and compelling ways of putting your brand before the general public.

We know that the best way to excite consumer interest is to give them the opportunity to experience your brand for themselves.

At C7EVEN we specialise in creating exciting and innovative direct engagement opportunities that allow consumers to interact with your brand in a manner that showcases it to its best advantage.

From TV to Twitter, PR to print, flyers to Facebook, out of home to online, we provide you with advertising solutions that are sure to make your brand the talk of the town.


Media Planning and Management

Creative execution is one part of effective advertising, the other is media placement.  C7EVEN provides sophisticated media strategy development, media booking and scheduling and media tracking and insights.

We leverage our many media contacts on your behalf to ensure that your brand receives maximum positive exposure at every stage of the marketing process.


Event Management and Activation

Experiential marketing is a C7EVEN specialty!  We provide event management and activation services as well as sponsorship brokerage.

From facilitating workshops, product and media launches, roadshows, famils, large scale meetings, conferences. You name it, we can put it on. We’ll conceptualise it, coordinate it, manage it and make sure it’s not just an event, it’s an occasion.

At C7EVEN we are also experts at turning sponsorship into an active as opposed to a passive experience, and we’ll develop sponsorship strategies guaranteed to bring your sponsorship to life.