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The Regional Australia Difference

Do you ever feel like you could be living a better life? That you should be spending more time with your kids? Sharing more intimate moments with your partner? Do you ever sit in traffic and wish you could get off the work roller-coaster? Stop working for just one month and consider what job you actually want to do? Exercise more, stress less and smile more?

There is a life outside a city and it’s good. Here are five compelling reasons to consider a tree change

1.You can halve your mortgage overnight

We don’t need to tell you that house prices in Australia’s cities are insane, and that’s if you are lucky enough to have entered the housing market. Granted, houses in regional cities are also on the rise, but they offer much better value for money and often come with a sizeable backyard – if you wish. You just don’t get this in the city… unless you’re a Packer.

2. You will get a car park

And you will stop talking about finding a park. And the cost of parking. And if you should go to that restaurant or beach or event in case you don’t get a park. Parking won’t even enter your vernacular. Enough said.

3. You will be able to spend more time with your kids

You may decide that you and your better half will both continue to work full-time when you escape to the country. Or one of you may choose to work part-time or not at all. Working and work-life balance is an individual thing, but the difference is, life is more relaxed in regional Australia. Traffic is less hectic, and getting to and from places is easier. You will have a choice to spend more time with your children because you won’t be spending as much time commuting, battling crowds, or trying to find a car park.

4. You will still enjoy good food and good wine

Tetsuya’s, Mr Wong and China Doll have not opened up a chain in regional Australia recently, but honestly how often do you go to them anyway? The good news is that, according to TripAdvisor you can still get your “foodie fix” in regional Australia. Take a look at Orange, for example, there are a staggering 91 restaurants in Orange and local stalwart Lolli Redini, has won fourteen successive Sydney Morning Herald Chef Hats since opening in 2001. Hereford Beef, Crack Willow Farm pork, Mandagery Creek Venison or hand foraged pine mushrooms, anyone?

5. You will return to the city

And you will drink at trendy bars and go to the rugby and take your children to museums and shop again at all your favourite city haunts. For example, Sydney is within easy reach of all these great regional cities:

Sydney to Albury – 550km

Sydney to Armidale – 567km

Sydney to Bathurst – 200km

Sydney to Dubbo – 400km

Sydney to Orange – 260km

Sydney to Tamworth – 387km

Sydney to Wagga Wagga – 450km

Canberra too:

Canberra to Albury – 340km

Canberra to Bathurst – 293km

Canberra to Dubbo – 415km

Canberra to Orange – 292km

Canberra to Wagga Wagga – 244km

And with Qantas, Rex and/or Virgin offering flights from these centres, you will be able to return to the city as much or as little as you want.

If you’re dreaming of a better way of life Evocities has a team of relocation experts who can provide you with everything you need to know about living in regional NSW.

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