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What does creativity mean to you?

On April 21 it is World Creativity and Innovation Day. The word creative often depicts and is translated in pop culture as someone highly artistic who can come up with great ideas and translate them into something beautiful.

Here at C7EVEN we work with creativity in all facets of what we do. But in more ways than what you might think. When first presented with the idea of creativity what comes to mind? Is it design? a great catch phrase or slogan? or is it a brand? For marketing and communications while those things do make up creativity, it also takes form in a variety of other ways often under the radar. Marketing strategy, digital campaign building, PR and media relations. At any given point someone on our team is flexing their creative way to work in their field of expertise.

Which brings me to my main point. Creativity isn’t limited to one person who may be ‘creative’. For world creativity and innovation day I think it’s good to recognise that we are all creative, but creative in a different way, and that’s what’s great. For C7EVEN creativity is a commercial commodity. It forms part of our IP that allows us to work with our clients and get results.

For an individual, creativity is the way in which we express ourselves in the world. It’s the honing of our individual gifts and skill sets and the way in which we bring life to the things we spend time on. From a mechanic who excels at their work to an academic that is solving complex problems. The way in which you approach things and see things brings creativity to light.

 You might be wondering where the innovation part comes in? It’s not surprising that the UN have matched creativity and innovation in the same bucket. Innovation is the next stage of creativity. It’s bringing to life something that does not yet exist. It’s forming an idea and making it tangible and specifically with the purpose to grow or enhance our lives. I often hear people say, ‘imagine the technology our kids will see when they are in their 30’s’. Innovation is driving technological advancement at an unprecedented rate. Everyday there is a new way to interact online or a new app that makes an aspect of life a little easier. All thanks to innovation.

 At C7EVEN we innovate in communication strategies, deciphering new ways to connect with an audience and to help our clients excel at positioning their brand in the market. Some of the ways we have innovated is by activating the use of influencers to gain media coverage and engagement through community and social networking. With other brands we have developed new ways in which to drive a lead to conversion or to raise awareness of a product in market.

 Every day we are looking to create and innovate with our clients. Every day we are all creating and innovating in our lives. For April 21 instead of looking at someone and identifying them as creative or innovative. Take a look inwards and identify in yourself ways in which you are being creative and innovative.

– Jono Muller, C7EVEN Content Director

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