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What is in a brand

The word brand is a loaded term that is often thrown around with mistruths and misconceptions. Yet a brand to any organisation is one of if not the most crucial aspect of successful marketing. So what is a brand, and how can your organisation leverage from its power?

Firstly, let’s clarify what a brand is not. A brand is not a logo – a logo, symbol, monogram, or emblem is merely a trademark. It is not the brand itself. Logos create ownership and, together with other communication devices, forms the distinctive mark for an organisation.

A brand is not an identity system. Although a brand’s identity forms a memorable association with the brand itself, alone, this does not constitute a brand. Colours, fonts, visual styles, and imagery are all used to define a specific visual treatment that creates a connection with the brand and formulates a level of consistency to ensure communications are relatable to an organisations brand.

Lastly, a brand is not a product. Marketing speak often refers to a product as a brand and the management thereof. However, this is more often the reference to the marketing principles of price, product, promotion, and placement.

In effect, a brand is the culmination of all of the above and much more.

Great brands like Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola base their marketing around one focused idea – a value that connects products and services with the values of their consumers and a vision that guides the principals and decision making for innovation, marketing, and developing relationships. It defines advertising, media placement, user experience, and communications. And it adds inherent value to the worth of any brand when done right.

To help define a brand can be as simple as asking yourself a single question…. Why do we matter? The answer is the core of why any brand exists and why consumers will inevitably engage with your brand. The answer to this question needs to be profound, unique, and irresistible to your customers. After all, if your customers have a profound connection with your brands ‘why,’ they will align themselves with that value.

Suppose we take a look at Apple as an example. Apple rarely advertises features and benefits or speed and performance until a consumer reaches the buying stage, even though these are the core behind their products. Apple invests a lot into the aesthetics of their products and the user experience of their operating system to create a better experience for their customers. So why, when we see an advertisement from Apple, these features are not the primary focus of their communications?

Because Apple products allow their customers to be the innovators and creators, to make a difference by providing the foundation to enable imagination, Apple the brand exists to provide the freedom to their customers – ‘To Think Differently.’ And everything Apple does has this one value in mind.

Creating a precise value, focusing all marketing activities around this value, and staying focused throughout the process is why Apple is one of the most profounds brands in the market today.

So, what is your brand?

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