What to expect from
a career with C7EVEN

C7EVEN is passionate about seeing our people thrive and recognising achievements through our Rewards and Recognition Program. Our program formally and informally celebrates and rewards personal and professional milestones, profit sharing, and additional leave offerings being just a few initiatives among a program designed with motivating our team front of mind.

Working along side our Rewards and Recognition program is our Culture and Care Program. Driving a culture of flexible workspaces in the form of Me Spaces-We Spaces, investing in our team through professional development and team bonding activities and supporting our teams mental health with our Employee Assistance services.

C7EVEN is committed to leading an employee centric culture by fostering an environment ideal for professional and personal growth.


Meet some of the team and hear what they love about C7EVEN and rural and regional Australia.

C7EVEN Careers

We are always on the look out for talented people.

C is for careers! And a career with C7EVEN is all about creativity, collaboration, and connection. Our 7 core values are centred around inspiring our team to achieve their potential while providing the perfect environment to facilitate growth. Our team may be scattered by geography throughout Australia, but we are connected by our belief we can accomplish more together.

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C7EVEN Careers