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If a company is only as good as its people, then C7EVEN must be an exceptionally fine company.

Because our crew are worth their weight in gold. Each and every one of them lives and breathes the seven (it had to be 7 right?) attributes that we look for in our people.

  • Strong work ethic
  • Dependable
  • Positive attitude
  • Self-motivated
  • Team oriented
  • Effective communicator
  • Flexible

So if you’d like to put your business in the hands of the best in the business, then call us on 1300 C7EVEN. We look forward to working with you.


Adam is a highly accomplished and experienced business management and strategic marketing communications professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. He has worked with leading global organisations in various sectors, including Agribusiness, Community Services, Government, and FMCG. Adam’s passion for regional and rural Australia is deeply rooted in his farming background in the New England area of New South Wales. This passion led him to co-found C7EVEN, a specialised marketing and communications agency that focuses on serving the needs of organisations communicating with regional and rural audiences. 

Throughout his career, Adam has established himself as a respected figure in the field of marketing communications. He has been engaged as a keynote speaker and served as the Chair of the Marketing to the Rural Sector Conference. Additionally, he has shared his expertise as a speaker at the 2019 Angus Australia conference. Adam’s experience spans diverse industries, where he has successfully provided strategic marketing communications services to large global organisations.

Adam’s primary career goal is to continue making a meaningful impact in regional and rural Australia through his work at C7EVEN. He is committed to assisting organisations in these areas to promote and market their products and services on a global scale. Simultaneously, he aims to facilitate effective communication between organisations, government agencies, and individuals who need to engage audiences in regional and rural Australia.

Driven by his passion for agriculture and a desire to foster innovation, determination, and drive in regional and rural Australia, Adam brings a strategic mindset combined with a deep understanding of both new and traditional marketing methods. He also possesses a flair for experiential marketing techniques, leveraging both approaches to create memorable brand experiences and effectively engage target audiences.

Adam’s educational background includes a Master of Business Administration (International Marketing) and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Business Management) degree. He is a fellow of the prestigious Australian Rural Leadership Program and a member of the Institute of Managers & Leaders. To stay at the forefront of his field, Adam continually seeks to expand his knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development and staying informed about emerging industry trends.


Sara Crowe is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, public relations, and event management. With over 15 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, she co-founded C7EVEN and currently serves as its Managing Partner.

In her role at C7EVEN, Sara takes charge of driving agency growth enablement across various areas, including HR, Finance, and Business Operations. Her vision in establishing the agency was to create a forward-thinking company that could offer fulfilling careers and deliver captivating work, all from a regional Australian perspective.

Since the inception of C7EVEN in 2015, Sara has been instrumental in leading the agency’s PR, event, and strategic communications offerings. Her expertise and guidance have resulted in nationally recognised and award-winning projects. Under her leadership, C7EVEN has received notable accolades, including recognition as the NSW Employer of Choice and North-West NSW Business of the Year. Sara herself has been acknowledged as a finalist for PR Leader of the Year.

Sara’s commitment to innovation is evident through her spearheading of the Talent Stable, Australia’s only influencer marketing service dedicated to rural and regional areas. This initiative showcases her dedication to supporting and promoting the unique voices and talents of those in these communities.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and personal growth, Sara actively seeks opportunities for mentoring, study, and volunteering. She holds a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations), is an IAP2 accredited practitioner and is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology, demonstrating her diverse range of knowledge and expertise. She is a graduate of the prestigious Oxford University Women in Leadership Programme, further enhancing her leadership capabilities. Additionally, Sara is a professional member, recognised consultant, and mentor with the Public Relations Institute of Australia, actively contributing to the professional development and advancement of her peers in the industry.


As a natural creative leader Jonathan’s strength is in formulating ideas that drive communication outcomes for clients and that ultimately captivate audiences to take action. Jonathan is a talented Content Director, with more than 15 years of experience developing creative approaches to communication for brands in agriculture, banking, education, trade and tourism.

As capable behind the camera as he is working with editing and production software Jonathan can operate a wide range of cameras and technical equipment and he has a proven understanding of production techniques and methods that he has developed throughout his career here in Australia and the USA.

With production now the basis of many communication strategies, from copy, and video through to animation, web design, digital and graphic design, Jonathan’s skills extend across all facets of production including operating as a director, director of photography, through to running large scale web projects and digital setups.



Atlanta is an experienced communication and marketing professional, with a passion for stakeholder engagement. She has worked across various industries in government and the private sector, holding management roles with organisations including Intercontinental Hotels Group, Coca-Cola Amatil, University of Wollongong, and Springday. 

She is a board director with JCI Australia, and has strong knowledge in strategy and business development, stakeholder engagement, marketing and partnerships, and event management. As a natural leader with over 10 years of experience working across technology, education, business and FMCG,  Atlanta goes above and beyond for clients to achieve their goals with a creative approach.

Atlanta is a strong collaborator and is passionate about continual learning and growth, both independently and as a team. She holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies.


Susie is an experienced communications professional, with over 15 years of experience both-in house and within an agency. Susie has held senior communication positions in local government and has worked across large scale multi-channel campaigns for clients including Commonwealth Bank, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, CaseIH, Westpac Agribusiness, Etihad Airways and Telstra.

Since joining C7EVEN in 2018, Susie has led key projects across the agency’s client portfolio harnessing her skills in communication strategy, PR, stakeholder engagement, media relations and marketing activation.

As Client Service Director, Susie oversees the agency’s client service delivery and leads the client service team, including C7EVEN’s training and development program. Susie works closely with the agency’s Account Directors, leading client strategy and onboarding.

Susie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations and Organisational Communication) with minor in Marketing and is an IAP2 certified engagement practitioner.


Alicia is an accomplished communicator with a wealth of experience, most recently navigating the intricate landscape of stakeholder engagement and relationship management within the NSW Farmers’ Association. Throughout her extensive professional journey, she has honed her expertise to become well-versed in diverse facets of these fields.

Her unwavering commitment lies in cultivating robust and authentic connections with clients who aspire to fortify their brands. Alicia tirelessly dedicates herself to orchestrating meaningful strategic outcomes, adeptly weaving narratives that empower businesses to articulate their stories effectively.

With a foundation in agriculture, Alicia stands as a trusted voice within the sector, known for her reliability and insights. Eager to broaden her influence, she looks forward to extending her network beyond the agricultural realm and making impactful contributions to various industries.

Alicia’s roots are firmly planted in country NSW, where she resides on a sheep property with her family. Her passion for the sustainability of rural and regional communities is not just a professional commitment but a personal calling. Her diverse skillset is highlighted by a Bachelor of Management and a wool classing ticket, showcasing her multifaceted capabilities and dedication to excellence.


With over 25 years of branding and communications experience, Sheldon brings to C7EVEN a specialised kit of design, photography and video services. But where he truly shines is in his ability to understand clients and their problems; to collaborate and explore potential solutions; and to consistently deliver results.

Sheldon has rolled up his sleeves for organisations in agriculture, banking, energy, environmental services, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, media, mining, professional services, property, social services, sport, technology, telecommunications and transport.

He likes clean bicycle chains, animated films and when plans come together!

Erin Carroll

Jeanette is a highly skilled strategic communications and media specialist, with over 20 years’ experience working in high level roles across the industry. Spending most of her life living and working in remote and regional Australia, Jeanette began her career as a journalist with former broadsheet The Adelaide Advertiser and spent many years working in the regional mediascape across the print and television industries.

An IAP2 certified engagement practitioner, Jeanette has demonstrated success in engaging, influencing, and building productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders to develop stronger relationships and positive outcomes. She’s worked as a senior community engagement and strategic communications specialist with several Queensland government departments, and has worked directly with First Nations communities across the country, providing high-level strategic advice and policy advocacy management.

Since 2014 Jeanette has lived on a small acreage in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area of Far North Queensland and enjoys creating music, bush walking and gardening.


Court is an unassuming powerhouse, both at work and in life. So don’t be fooled by her stature. She might be small, but she is mighty and is 100% the engine that drives C7EVEN. She is the one that makes sure everything is working from the lights in the office, to the operational stability of the agency. Courtney is a career event manager and organiser extraordinaire. When she’s not at work she’s killing it at crossfit, lifting double her body weight and celebrating with LCM bars. You will see her smiling face in our Tamworth office.

Erin Carroll

Erin is a highly skilled marketing and events specialist with over 10 years experience working in the local government and private sectors. With extensive experience in the management of event sponsorship and sponsored activations for major events like the iconic Tamworth Country Music Festival, Erin has developed strong corporate relationships with many high profile, global companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, McDonalds Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil.

With her exceptional knowledge and proven experience in developing targeted corporate and strategic partner relationships, Erin is an organiser extraordinaire, makes things happen is her deal! And by things we mean everything from client work to C7EVEN business, she is a dynamo. You will find Erin in our Tamworth office – driving our business development and commercial activities!


Scott is a highly skilled Art Director and Designer with over 20 years agency experience. At C7EVEN Scott brings campaign vision to life by creating unique visual content for our clients across print, digital and all places in between.

His experience in developing brand identities, visual communication systems, brand books, sales collaterals, websites, videos, social media campaigns, product packaging, POS and environmental installations takes the agency’s offering to the next level and his expert knowledge in brand design, and art and creative direction ensures seamless client experience from strategy through to implementation.

Having worked with clients across multiple industry sectors here in Australia and internationally, Scott’s agile thinking and highly adaptable nature adds maximum value to our client service teams.

Scott holds an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts, a Certificate IV in Design and Desktop Publishing and a Certificate IV in Marketing and Advertising. He loves to surf, and has recently made the move back to Sydney.


Matt is a seasoned Digital Media Director with a dynamic blend of 20 years in brand management and digital marketing. With foundational roles as Brand Manager at Proctor & Gamble and Frucor Suntory, Matt has a proven track record of spearheading brand strategy, positioning, and growth initiatives that resonate in fiercely competitive markets. His expertise extends to crafting comprehensive digital advertising strategies, leading deployments and optimising campaign performance, all while persistently innovating the tech that supports the operations.

At C7EVEN, Matt leads the digital media operations with a sound strategic & analytical mindset. His unique academic background, holding a double degree in Computer Science and Commerce Marketing underpins his exceptional capabilities in digital marketing. This rare combination allows him to navigate both the marketing and technological dimensions with deep understanding and foresight, ensuring that C7EVEN and its clients consistently remain at the industry’s cutting edge.

Matt’s leadership is not just about steering C7EVEN’s digital trajectory; it’s about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and technological mastery. He brings a marketer’s acumen and a developer’s precision to the digital landscape, a synergy that translates into tangible results and market growth.

Outside the digital arena, Matt is an avid 4WDer and camping enthusiast, a Formula 1 follower, and a keen participant in the evolving AI landscape. This personal passion for technology and adventure reflects in his professional ethos – a relentless pursuit to propel C7EVEN and its clients forward, navigating the digital terrain with the same excitement and strategic finesse as a challenging off-road trail.

With Matt at the helm of digital media operations, C7EVEN isn’t just participating in the digital revolution; it’s setting the pace.


Kyleen is a passionate and results-driven marketing professional with over 15 years experience. Executing integrated marketing and communication strategies with a strong background in agribusiness marketing. As a degree qualified graphic designer, Kyleen has also been responsible for developing creative concepts and design of marketing and advertising collateral across all areas of print and advertising media including photography and video art direction and styling.

Kyleen has a strong digital background and extensive knowledge across CRM Management, lead generation and workflows, including content management across various CMS platforms and social media. Most recently Kyleen has worked for a global agribusiness company, reporting directly to the North American CMO, to develop marketing campaigns and aligning the brand’s Australian efforts.

Her global stakeholder engagement experience extends beyond the client relationship to dealer and sponsor engagement, where her organised and collaborative approach has continually delivered proven results.

With a son who is a keen Motorcross and BMX rider, in her spare time, Kyleen volunteers as Secretary for the local Motorcross club in Tamworth.

Maddie Kulk

Maddie is a focussed and results-driven communications professional with over 10-years experience in the regional communications industry. With a strong background in media and public relations Maddie has assisted in developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns, as well as helping clients raise their profile through targeted media strategies.

Maddie has strong knowledge of the digital space, with experience in social media content management and digital brand establishment. Her skills allowing her to create client focussed campaigns to increase brand awareness, product sales and lead generation.

Maddie also has extensive experience in developing, managing and executing events. Her collaborative and creative approach helping her to deliver successful large scale business events in North West New South Wales.

Maddie holds a Bachelor of Communications degree and has worked with clients from across several different industries, including local, state and federal government, community organisations, finance and sport.


Michaela is an experienced marketing, event, and project management professional passionate about user experience, community engagement, agriculture, running, yoga, and marketing.

Hailing from Germany, and studying in the United States, Michaela has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, including Nike and WeWork. She brings to her clients, unique insights, and innovative solutions along with a tenacity to achieve positive outcomes. Before joining C7EVEN, Michaela spent time travelling Australia on a working holiday where she has been exposed to life on the land as a farm-hand, nanny and tractor operator.

Michaela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Economics and Management from Stuttgart Media University, and spent a year abroad at the University of Oregon, Lundquist College of Business majoring in Marketing and Sports Business.


Bringing over six years of hard-earned and diverse expertise in Public Relations, Ellen has honed her skills within some of Australia’s most prominent brands, including launching Amart Furniture’s first influencer gifting campaign, guiding Ritchie’s supermarkets through the tumultuous trading environment that was COVID, and spearheaded impactful work for HCF, Sony Mobile, Allianz, Plastic Free July and GSK’s vaccination awareness initiatives. 

Cutting her teeth in leading comms agencies in Sydney, Ellen has polished a skill for crafting stories that resonate and fostering relationships with key stakeholders. Orchestrating impactful campaigns across the corporate, consumer, and tech space. Ellen’s demonstrated experience empowers her clients to navigate turbulent times, champion worthy causes, and adeptly communicate both positive news and challenges, all while focusing on the bottom line. 

Growing up on the land, Ellen is innately aware of the unique challenges facing regional Australians and blends professionalism with a friendly touch, delighting in creating and sustaining authentic connections that matter. 

Ellen holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Public Relations from the University of Notre Dame, Australia.   


Suzie possesses a solid background in event management and hospitality, with over 11 years experience in the industry. Suzie has exceptional customer service skills, which has provided her with a client focused outlook and a dedication to achieving project goals. She has marketing experience within the hospitality sector and is a motivated all-rounder who enjoys helping clients on a wide range of projects.

In 2017 Suzie completed a Diploma in Graphic Design through CATC Design School. Having discovered a love for advertising, she then went on to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications (Advertising).

As an Account Manager with C7EVEN, Suzie develops strong client relationships and delivers solutions in all aspects of marketing and communications to exceed client and project goals. Suzie loves reading, art, podcasts and gets restless if she isn’t learning something new.

Chelsea Roper

Chelsea is a marketing and communications professional with experience working across a variety of campaigns, providing marketing and communications support for Tourism & Lifestyle, Ag and Government clients.

Originally from Tamworth, Chelsea is passionate about building regional business, and after spending time living in metro areas, she understands the barriers of communication between corporate business and regional communities.

Chelsea has a passion for learning and continues to grow her communication skills through mentoring and regional workshops.

Chelsea completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), from the University of Newcastle, and in 2018, spent a semester abroad studying communications at the University of Leeds, UK. In 2019, Chelsea was part of an International Study Tour, which gave her the opportunity to study tech and social impact start-ups throughout India.


Originally born and raised in the Tamworth area on a beef cattle farm and with professional experience in the Agribusiness sector, Amanda has a love for regional and rural areas and a drive to further her career in the marketing and communications space.

Having graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Agribusiness, she has since worked in the corporate finance and livestock sectors and has extensive experience in planning and coordinating events and functions. Her organizational skills and project management abilities not only assist her professionally but also personally, with the coordination of her husband and two young boys!

Amanda has a strong client focus, a substantial knowledge of regional businesses and is looking forward to building customer relationships and achieving project outcomes in her role as an account manager at C7EVEN, based in the Tamworth office.


Originally from south-west Victoria, Sophie has grown up knowing life on the land. Her connection to Australian agriculture and her understanding of the people who work in the industry as well as her love of communication are what sparked her interest in pursuing a career in marketing and communications.

Sophie has spent the last two years studying at the University of New England and living in Armidale where she completed a Bachelor of Media and Communications majoring in writing and publishing in 2022.

After finishing school, Sophie spent a year overseas working as an Au Pair for an Italian family in Italy, travelling across Europe and living and working in a country pub in Gloucestershire, England before returning home to study. Her time exploring the world has not only sparked her love for travel, but also her love of meeting and speaking with people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Sophie is looking forward to starting her new life in Tamworth, and she is excited to expand her knowledge base working in a fast-paced agency with a focus on regional, rural and remote Australia.

Sophie Wood

Growing up on a mixed enterprise property in the New England, Sophie’s passion for agriculture and her love of regional and rural Australia has been a driving force behind her career.

After graduating from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing and agribusiness, Sophie spent some time in private enterprise before turning her hand to local government, where she promoted regional tourism opportunities as a driver for regional prosperity.

Throughout her career, Sophie has been committed to promoting agribusiness and regional and rural Australia in a way that will encourage and inspire younger generations to get involved.

In her spare time, Sophie is a talented show rider who enjoys competing in regional shows and show horse championships. Sophie also volunteers her time for Sydney Royal Easter Show in the broadcast team and Brisbane Royal Show as a ring steward.

As Account Manager with C7EVEN, Sophie brings together her knowledge and experience to develop and deliver integrated marketing campaigns for our largest agribusiness clients.


A born and bred Tamworth local, growing up with a farming background, and a love for events. Britt joins the team with a background within the local government events department and the world of sales as a travelling sales rep.

Britt loves to spend her down time on the family farm, enjoying all things outdoors and finding the best long black in every town she goes to!

With a drive to further her communication skills and agency operations knowledge Britt is the go-to girl for the C7EVEN team and the everyday running of the business needs.

Wael is a graphic designer & illustrator with over 20 years’ experience. Wael thrives on coming up with new ideas and has an absolute passion for all things creative. Wael’s strengths are his adaptability to work on any given task from concepts through to finished artwork, handle many jobs simultaneously and work under extreme pressure. He has expert knowledge in all Adobe CS applications print and prepress.

Wael has worked with a number of large well-known brands including Nivea, Chanel, Revlon, Schwarzkopf, Elostaplast and Sunbeam.

Robert is an experience marketing professional holding various client and agency roles in Asia for the past 15 years. His strengths include a deep knowledge of marketing strategy through to execution in a global context.

With a strong track record of delivering and exceeding expectations, he is a valuable member of the C7EVEN team.

Robert is fluent in Japanese (JLPT Level 1) with Bachelor Degrees in Business Management (Marketing) and Arts (Psychology).

He lives in Tokyo with his Japanese wife and two children.


Troy Johnson is an Indigenous Business Consultant and descendant of the Wulgurukaba and Gugu-Badhun peoples countries. Troy has over 16 years experience working in Natural Resource Management and Conservation and Land Management. Troy graduated from the Australian Rural Leadership Program in 2021. Troy’s management expertise includes Director and Advisory positions at WYAC Wulgurukaba Yunbenun Aboriginal Corporation, GBAC GuguBadhun Aboriginal Corporation, Indigenous Reef Advisory Committee and Townsville Enterprise Limited.

Troy is passionate about providing opportunities for Indigenous First Nations people of Australia to work positively with non-indigenous Australians. 


Maya has been helping clients such as Amazon, Google, AirBnb and other large scale foreign brands. Developing a distinguished presence in Asian markets for the past five years, her skills include project management, on-set experience as a Producer and AD, and full execution of commercial production and campaign launches.

Maya is fully bi-lingual / bi-cultural (Japanese / English) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science & Economics from Waseda University and a Digital Editing certification from New York Film Academy.

Maya is C7EVEN’s digital specialist for Japan / Korea and is based in Japan.

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