New international Offering:

Helping Australian businesses thrive in Japan’s diverse landscape.

In recent years, Japan has emerged as a tantalising market for Australian exporters, particularly in food and beverage products.

With its discerning consumers, rich culinary traditions, and penchant for quality, the Land of the Rising Sun presents a plethora of opportunities for businesses looking to expand their reach beyond Australian shores. Enter C7EVEN, an award-winning advertising and communications agency renowned for its innovative approach and unparalleled expertise in brand building.

From Down Under to the Land of the Rising Sun

With great excitement, we are pleased to announce our expansion into Japan, marking a significant milestone in our journey to connect cultures and create meaningful experiences. Building upon our success in Australia, we are now poised to help Australian businesses navigate the intricacies of the Japanese market and carve out their niche in this dynamic landscape.

A Taste of Success at Foodex Tokyo

Our journey into Japan gained momentum as we recently participated in Foodex Tokyo, one of Asia’s premier food and beverage trade shows. Amidst the bustling crowds and vibrant displays, we had the opportunity to connect with numerous Australian exporters eager to introduce their products to Japanese consumers. From organic beef to Australian beverages, the diversity and innovation on display underscored the immense potential for collaboration between Australia and Japan.

A Recipe for Success

FoodEx is but one event in which brands can see and experience the opportunity in Japan first-hand. However, to achieve success in Japan, Australian brands need a tailored and integrated marketing and communications strategy delivered with innovation and creativity. Our team is hard at work crafting marketing strategies that will resonate with Japanese consumers, drawing upon insights gleaned from our time at the expo. Together, we are poised to write the next chapter of Australian success in Japan.

So, whether you’re a small-scale artisan producer or a large-scale exporter, C7EVEN is here to help you unlock the full potential of the Japanese market. With our passion for creativity, our commitment to excellence, and our deep understanding of both Australian and Japanese cultures, we are confident that together, we can achieve remarkable success.

Join us on this adventure as we bring the quality of Australia to Japan and create unforgettable experiences for consumers across borders. Together, let’s savour the taste of success in Japan’s vibrant landscape. Arigatou gozaimasu, and we look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

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