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BRP needed to find the way of highlighting key brand strengths whilst creating a distinctive and professional creative approach that speaks directly to the target audience. The opportunity for C7EVEN was to develop a creative concept designed to build brand awareness and recognition and stand out from competitors.



to build brand awareness and recognition and stand out from competitors.


Multi-channel retail campaigns


An Australian & New Zealand Off Road Vehicle Benchmark Study showed that both unaided and aided brand awareness significantly increased post launching a new creative approach – We’re Built For This. The same study also showed Can-Am’s HD8 Defender Vehicle as the #1 selling side-by-side in Australia and New Zealand and the Can-Am brand had the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS), Client Satisfaction and Client Repurchase intent in Australia and New Zealand compared to competitors.


The ‘We’re built for this’ campaign concept was rolled out across multiple media channels and a wide range of creative executions. It tapped nicely into the psyche of Can-Am’s target audience. ‘We’re built for this’ reassures farmers that Can-Am’s vehicles won’t let them down in any conditions. In this campaign, C7EVEN showed Can-Am vehicles doing tough tasks in challenging conditions. And we show them coming out on top every time. Why? Because ‘we’re built for this’. 

C7EVEN transformed the creative execution of the brand to differentiate from competitors and to align with the target audience and talk to the unique selling propositions of the brand.

The creative executions included:

  • BRP and dealer website banners
  • BRP and dealer website carousels
  • EDM designs
  • Google Display Network HTML ads
  • YouTube bumper videos
  • Facebook carousel ads
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Facebook feed and story videos
  • Instagram story videos
  • Instagram static posts
  • Print ads
  • Field Day point-of-sale
  • Retail store point-of-sale

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