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  • Strategy Development
  • Branding & Design
  • Digital & New Media
  • Advertising & Content Marketing
  • Event Management & Activation
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Media Planning & Management


This was a substantial awareness campaign supported by PR. The opportunity for C7EVEN was to increase end user awareness and penetration of Multimin and to position Multimin as an effective 4 in 1 trace mineral injection for improving sheep and cattle fertility and immunity/health.



Potential Readership


Digital Advertising Impressions


Unique news articles created


Extensive coverage of the KUHN Expo was achieved throughout the campaign period with a potential audience reach of over 1,0480,000 with nearly 400 registered attendees and 7 machines selling during the event itself.

C7EVEN achieved combined paid and earned media coverage across a range of national and local publications and outlets, while also achieving a social media reach of 68,000 and 2708 engagements across all social media advertisement.


The campaign used platforms that connected the target audience with other similar farmers using interactive tools like Q&A’s, blogs, and other sharing channels, enabling consumers to connect and share with other like-minded producers.


The campaign involved:

  • Advertising (Print, TV, Digital display, SEM, Social Media)
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Influencers / Key opinion leaders
  • EDM’s
  • In-store point of sale
  • Website
  • Logo development
  • Stakeholder Engagement


The campaign had a strong element of social sharing and engagement via content that was entertaining, educational and beneficial for the target audience. During the nomination phase of the campaign, 133 farmer nominations were received. Extensive media coverage of the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge campaign was achieved throughout the campaign period. Print advertising reached a potential readership of over 350,000 people. Digital advertising reached over 2,000,000 impressions. Several earned media outcomes were also achieved through the PR strategy in addition to paid advertising with over 80 news articles resulting in readership of over 4,500,000 people. An extensive number of social media users were reached through the social media content with over 10,200 video views. During the public voting phase of the campaign, 4,897 votes were received, and 1,904 email addresses were captured for Virbac’s CRM database.

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