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With sustainability a critical issue for the community, Tamworth Regional Council’s Sustainability Unit, presented an opportunity for us to create a mascot that could represent sustainability best practice.

With a strong connection to country, and an entertaining connection to water, waste and energy as either individual elements, or together as a whole.

A mascot that is able to connect with kids, in particular infants and primary school aged children and appear at local events, schools and in the community and be well recognised and respected.

Following the development of the mascot, the opportunity to develop a campaign to launch Sonny and Skye to the community soon followed.

We partnered with Oddbods to create a mascot that nailed the brief. We personified water, waste and energy into Sonny the Sustainability Scout. We created a friend Skye as a magpie creating a connection to country, and Oddbods brought that to life.

AND here’s what we did…..


 We created an educational and behavioural change campaign to support Sonny and Skye on their mission to scout more ways to be sustainable always. We developed:

  • Full creative suite – including Style Guide plus branding and design of all collaterals (social, digital, print)
  • Educational website
  • Two online games
  • Activities and colouring in sheets for kids and families to do at home
  • Song, dance video and TVC
  • A range of merchandise, including reward badges, luggage tags and water bottles

C7EVEN worked with local school teachers to link educational resources to current NSW school curriculum.

We then developed a launch program and PR strategy which saw Sonny unveiled at a primary school assembly to hundreds of excited school children and the local media. 


To date, campaign highlights included:

  • The local community launch at Tamworth Public School which was a huge success and gained extensive local media coverage
  • The creation of Sonny – the physical mascot
  • The development of two online educational games, song, dance and video
  • The creation of educational materials that linked directly to core learning units for NSW primary school children
  • Design and delivery of a range of merchandise, reward badges for each school stage, bag tags and more

And we’re excited about the next phase as we are currently working with Tamworth Regional Council on a schools challenge that we hope to see roll out across all school in the region in the next year. Watch this space……

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