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An agency internship at C7EVEN!

In our latest blog, Charlotte Fahey, gives an insight into an agency internship at C7EVEN.

My internship at C7EVEN was a great opportunity that I was able to take part in before beginning university studying Media and Communications. I was able to see and understand the inner workings of a marketing and communications agency and the efforts that go in to produce efficient and quality outcomes for a range of clients. C7EVEN especially sparked my interest due to their specific work for rural and regional areas, which is where I see myself working in the future.

The first week of my internship with C7EVEN involved gaining my first insight into marketing and communications. I was able to see the variety of work they covered and all the events and businesses that it has as clients. The main form of work I undertook during the first week was assisting in the preparations for the Toyota Country Music Festival and seeing behind the scenes as the first week kicked off. C7EVEN manages the publicity for the Festival, Golden Guitar Awards and Toyota Star Maker so I was able to work with the media team in creating media passes, working in the media centre, and seeing how live media crosses worked.

I also assisted in the bump in of a major sponsorship activation – The Golden Gig supported by Maccas – helping set up and seeing how the event space came together, which beside the heat, was a pretty cool experience.

The second week saw the last days of country music festival, some busy days helping with the Macca’s event, working in the media centre, and then out at AELEC to assist with another client ABCRA for the National Finals Rodeo. It was great to see all these events come together and be behind the scenes of the work. Overall, the TCMF 2023 was a great opportunity to see how the agency operate during large scale events and the efforts that go into produce successful outcomes.

After the festival I was back in the office, looking into the range of clients C7EVEN work with and all the current projects the team are working on. I was able to assist in researching for a range of projects and began understanding many aspects of the daily agency operations. I was able to sharpen up on my computer skills and use a variety of software programs as well as joining the daily huddle meeting each day. It was interesting to see the amount of internal communication and the collaboration that happens to ensure efficient and quality work. I was beginning to catch on to the daily routine in the office and really enjoyed learning new skills and gaining an understanding of a marketing and communications career.

I was able to gain insight into the variety of different clients C7EVEN work with, assist with a range of different preparations for upcoming events and observe media ops out at the Nutrien Classic. I also learnt how to operate online tools that C7EVEN utilise – learning many different skills. I assisted the team doing desktop research, sourcing keynote speakers that would inspire young farmers, finding merchandise suppliers and more.  As well as research, I practiced writing social media posts for clients and also learnt how to create a radio ad script and learn the variety of ways to customise messages to the specific cause being advertised.

The final week of my internship included attending a media op at Ronald McDonald House regarding the money raised during the Golden Gig Maccas event. It was great to see everyone’s efforts during the event result in a donation towards the local house, and the support within the local community. It was then back out to AELEC to the Nutrien Classic event for media interviews with the winner of the Classic Campdraft.

Overall, the past month at C7EVEN has been great preparation towards studying Media and communications and I have learnt many useful skills that I will definitely utilise in future years. I would like to thank C7EVEN for this opportunity and all the amazing people that work there for making me feel welcome and allowing me to gain insight into the scenes of Media, marketing, and communications. 

Charlotte is commencing her bachelors degree in marketing and communications through UNE and has just completed a month-long internship here at C7EVEN.


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