Girringun Aboriginal Corpration

Develop and implement a detailed Marketing, Stakeholder Enagagement and Public Relations Strategy

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation


Services Delivered
• Marketing Communications
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Public Relations
• Media Relations
• Videography
• Graphic Design

The key objective was to develop and execute a 12-month communications strategy to solidify and unite the nine member Traditional Owner groups of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation and increase and support brand reputation within community.

The Opportunity

The Girringun Aboriginal Corporation is located in Cardwell, Queensland, between Cairns and Townsville and is an organisation that represents the interests of nine-member Traditional Owner groups. C7EVEN was engaged to provide strategic communications support and stakeholder engagement through a monthly retainer, to promote the organisation’s continued value to key stakeholders, expand its regional footprint and solidify stronger ties between Traditional Owner groups.

Our Solution

A holistic marketing and communications strategy was developed and executed, detailing key tactics to engage with identified stakeholder groups. Delivery of the strategy included stakeholder consultation and direct liaison with local indigenous groups and leaders.

Ongoing strategic advice was provided to streamline and improve communication between the nine member tribes to promote unity and cohesion. With the organisation’s unity framework (Process Unite) as a core focus, C7EVEN’s solution was to increase engagement with key stakeholder groups and develop a process for communicating key information to defined internal and external target audiences.
C7EVEN provided further value through a variety of core materials and services, including:

– Video production
– Graphic Design
– Copywriting
– PR
– Media Management

Through working directly with an indigenous organisation, C7EVEN aimed to better understand how to communicate effectively with the client. Our approach included a strong focus on local engagement with indigenous stakeholders to ensure members felt heard, and their opinions included our solutions. We understand the unique ways in which stakeholders communicate and we worked to tailor our solutions to meet the needs of the audience.

Campaign Highlights

The development and execution of a high level strategic marketing and communications plan.
In-depth client and community workshops executed in region
The development of key stakeholder be utilised throughout on-going communication materials.


C7EVEN’s holistic marketing and communications strategy generated positive results promoting unity and cohesion.

Strategic Marketing Plan
A high level strategic marketing and communications plan was developed and executed

Client Workshops
In-depth client and community workshops executed in region

Content Development
Key stakeholder messages developed

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