Jack’s Creek

Defining a brand strategy and marketing and communications plan for a world renowned beef producer.

Jack’s Creek


Services Delivered
Brand workshops
Brand persona
Strategy development
Content capture / creation, photography and videography
Content marketing
Social media management
Stakeholder engagement

To develop a strategic approach to brand marketing and communications, which ensured business goals are achieved and the brand identity is effectively communicated.


The Opportunity

Jack’s Creek is an Australian owned and operated producer of premium Wagyu and Angus grain fed beef. They produce the world’s best beef products grown in Australia with a passionate commitment to quality.

C7EVEN was engaged by Jack’s Creek to develop a strategic approach to brand marketing and communications, to ensure business goals are achieved and the brand identity is effectively communicated.

Support in implementing the strategic marketing and communications plan was also required and was undertaken as part of a subsequent marketing and communications retainer.

Our Solution

C7EVEN undertook a detailed desktop analysis and stakeholder engagement process to determine crucial insights into stakeholder perceptions and an audit of relevant and alternate messaging along with current market position. From this, a brand persona was developed for Jack’s Creek and detailed marketing and communications strategy.

Using the brand persona as a guiding document for messaging, brand voice and design, C7EVEN undertook a retainer with Jack’s Creek to implement key deliverables including:

  • Video content production.
  • Photography content production.
  • Social media management.
  • Development of a B2B and B2C sales presentation slide deck.
  • Dedictedcated content production training workshop to empower the sales team to capture quick, quality content on the go.

Branding and design support along with public relations support were also provided to Jack’s Creek as needed.

Campaign Achievements

Increased Instagram Followers

Post Engagements (Instagram & Facebook)


Brand Strategy Workshop
A brand strategy workshop was undertaken with the Jack’s Creek team
to identify core value propositions and brand messaging.

Brand Persona Book
Development of a brand persona including identifying value proposition and brand qualities, brand archetype development, and brand voice persona.

Social Media Content
Increase of over 3,000 followers on Instagram in a six-month period.

Video and Photography Production
High quality video content showcasing the Jack’s Creek offering and educating the audience on different beef cuts.

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