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What makes a trend?

What makes something ‘trend’?  And what makes people want to follow them, copy them and be the ‘next’ trend?

I’m often intrigued by trends, and how they come to be.


As my curiosity grew, I started looking into this and I uncovered the theory behind trends is linked heavily to social psychology – how we think and relate to one another.  I have had a total ah-ha moment with this, because of course our need to follow, copy and desire is linked to how much influence these trends have over us.  And more specifically who might be driving them.

Enter the rise of the influencer and influencer marketing.

While it’s only recently become a ‘trend’ to engage ‘influencers’, at C7EVEN we have been using ‘influencer’ marketing for years – we have worked with experts, opinion leaders, academics, journalists, and those with a large social media following to help connect our clients with their audiences.   

Now an official job title, influencers all have one thing in common, and that’s the ability to provide us ‘social proof’ that something is worth our attention. 

Influencers generate sales, create content, build brand awareness, and help brands engage with their audiences.  As a trusted voice, influencers have a level of authority and influence over us often without us realising it at first because, the actions of those around us, not only help us to define how we should act we also use the decisions of those around us as a mental shortcut to help navigate our own lives.  Crazy right?!

Well not exactly, because in our complex world, following the crowd can help us function.  Most of us do not have time to study and learn all there is to know about every brand and advertised item.  Instead, we rely on signs like popularity – if everyone else is doing something the reasoning goes, that there’s a good chance it’s worth our attention too.  And if someone we like, trust and follow is doing it, then it’s even more likely to get our attention.   

When it comes to social media, C7EVEN has a stable of ‘influencers’ that we work with to connect our clients with their audiences, and we are continually evolving our model as the media landscape changes and audience expectations change.

We’re not just part of this trend, we’re leading it through connection, collaboration, creativity, curiosity, courage, challenge and captivation. 

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