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To TikTok or not to TikTok!


TikTok has established itself as a mainstay within the digital landscape. With users continuing to grow and more importantly the diversity of those users, the platform offers unrivalled opportunity for relatable content marketing.

Gen Z is not alone

TikTok’s user demographics are a changing dynamic with latest trends indicating the once dominant Gen Z audience is giving way to a broader range of appeal. Almost two thirds of users come from age groups outside of Gen Z (aged 10-19). The average time spent on the platform is approximately 45 minutes per day and statistics indicate this activity is active engagement as opposed to passive viewing such as that prompted from within Facebook.

The TikTok app is topping trends for the most downloaded, surpassing Facebook and Instagram, and this metric is on the rise.


Global Reach
With over one-billion active users in150 countries and 75 languages, China and India are contributing the biggest percentage share of new user growth. 90 per cent of users visit the app more than once a day, spending an average of at least 45 minutes per day on the platform.

From these statistics it is clear TikTok has massive global appeal, giving brands and businesses direct access to a massive global audience.


Advertising Options
Just like any other social media platform, TikTok provides multiple options when it comes to advertising:

  • TOP VIEW – Ads are displayed 5 seconds after the launch of the platform – they can be 60 seconds in duration and are full screen with sound – they can also be linked.
  • BRAND TAKEOVER – This format appears immediately on launch of the platform – so it’s the first thing users see, however users only ever see one brand takeover per day. These can be video, static or GIF.
  • IN-FEED – Ads are a 9-15 seconds long video structure that are featured in the users ‘For You’ feed, these can feature a call-to-action link to your external website. Users can also engage with likes and comments.

Boost your efforts with influencers
TikTok is especially suited to leveraging the benefits of influencer marketing due to the high volume of influential content-producers active on the platform. As with other platforms aligning your brand, product and messaging with an influencer that reinforces your messaging is critical and can offer additional opportunities when leveraged across other social media platforms too.


Positioning your brand
Trends that align with your brand positioning or product placement open up opportunity for your brand to establish relevancy and relatability. The platform embraces transparency and authenticity through the very nature and style of content creation, so it’s a melting pot for building brand loyalty and advocacy through user generated content.

Being dedicated to purely video content and with audio not muted by default means TikTok offers unparalleled advantages when it comes to leveraging video within your digital strategy.


Digital Drawbacks
Ensuring your brand integrity is maintained and not diluted or miss-associated with un-aligned content is a real risk with this platform. There is also the real problem of the platform still being in its infancy, with its developers trialling new functionality, and changing or removing features which can impact advertisers significantly.


These cautions aside, TikTok’s one- billion users make it a digital channel that demands consideration when it comes to your digital media strategy. So reach out to discuss navigating digital and how we can help you get the best digital campaign solution!

Kyleen Partridge
Digital Activation Manager

*Images credit: TikTok

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